What Makes CBA Great?

As the secondary principal and as a father, I am constantly evaluating CBA and asking the question, “Is CBA a great school?” How would I know and what criteria would be used to measure this?
I think there are several ways to discern this. One would want to look at the product that is produced to determine the greatness of a school. It is my opinion that CBA has a great product. Students score very well academically and are able to enroll at colleges and universities all over the country. Graduates are successful in life and, even more importantly, many are faithfully serving the Lord in local churches and ministries around the world.
Another measuring stick of greatness would be opportunities that a school provides to my children. CBA has continued to add opportunities for students to be involved in many different areas. Athletics, fine arts, debate, technology and robotics just begin to scratch the surface. The days of just coming to school and learning in the classroom are definitely in the past for the students of CBA.
As important as these things are, I think the greatest barometer of a great school is its staff. A school is great if it has great teachers. As parents, here are three questions you should be asking to determine if CBA has great teachers and is a great school.

1. Do the teachers love kids?

This may seem like an obvious question, but I’m sure all of us can remember a teacher in our own lives where we were unsure of the answer! Therefore, it is important that each teacher has a calling to teach and it is obvious that they truly enjoy interacting with children and teenagers (and even junior high-aged students).

2. Can the teachers teach?

The second question concerns pedagogical skill and content knowledge. As teachers are the means by which students are learning, it is crucial that a school have individuals who are excellent teachers in the classroom.

3. How well do the teachers serve?

The final question speaks to calling as well as to school culture and a commitment to excellence. Teaching and learning is not confined to a school day. A big component is developing relationships with students and being available to help students outside of the classroom.  
The reason I have come to the conclusion that CBA is a great school is because CBA has great teachers! We truly have teachers who love their students and want to see them grow in their relationship with Christ. We have teachers who can teach. This is evidenced by high academic test scores and college readiness. We have teachers who serve. They choose to teach because they want to make a difference.
I am thankful to be a part of the team at CBA.  As a parent and a principal, I truly believe CBA is great school. I trust that you do to!
Dr. David Warren
Secondary Principal