Part Time Student Information – Secondary School



  • “Part-time” students are defined as students taking up to 4.5 credits of total class work. (academic + fine arts combined)
  • Once a student enrolls in 5 classes or more they are considered “full-time” students.


  • The cost for academic courses is $400 for half credit classes that meet 2 or 3 days a week and $600 for any full credit classes that meet 4 or 5 days a week. The semester price would be $300 and $400 respectively.
  • ALL “part-time” students will be expected to pay the registration fee of $50.
  • MEMBERS of Calvary Baptist Church who are enrolling in 2 or fewer classes are EXEMPT from the registration fee.
  • The cost for concert choir, concert band, and drama is $400 plus the associated fees. The semester price for fine arts classes is $250 + the associated fees.
    • Choir fees – $25 + $25 dress/tux rental + $75 choir/drama tour = $125 
    • Band fees – $50
    • Drama fees – $25 + $75 choir/drama tour = $100


  • Any 7th-12th grade student enrolled in at least one full academic credit (One class meeting 4 or 5 periods a week or two classes meeting 2 or 3 periods a week each) of academic class work at CBA may be involved in the athletic program and MUST still pay the associated sports fees ($75 per sport).
  • Academic classes do not include electives or fine arts classes such as concert choir, concert band, or drama. Academic classes only include classes in mathematics, English language arts, science, history, and foreign language. Academic classes do not include classes taken online.


  • “Part-time” students are not required to wear uniforms, but must abide by the Non-Uniform Dress Code as well as the personal appearance policy as stated in the student handbook.
  • “Part-time” students in fine arts classes will need to have the basic uniform consisting of khaki pants/skirt, blue oxford shirt, navy sweater, and a purple (boys) or yellow (girls) polo shirt for performances and competitions. See the uniform catalog for specific information regarding ordering these items.
  • “Part-time” students will be asked to follow the code of conduct as stated in the student handbook including church attendance requirements.
  • “Part-time” students are allowed to participate in homecoming, banquets, class parties, school field trips and other school activities. Exceptions are the 8th grade trip and senior trip.
  • “Part-time” students are expected to attend the awards ceremony at the end of the school year.
  • “Part-time” students will not receive a diploma or certificate of completion from Calvary Baptist Academy, however, credit for classes taken can be applied to a home-school diploma or transferred to another school.


For information regarding a part time elementary student, please contact us directly. Contact